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How do usernames work?

Your username is globally unique, but will not float above your avatar or be given to others near you unless you choose. Usernames may be required for entry into some servers.

Jane Jade
Female 2bb8aa3e775ca4d4be564ea36b2cbadc2825cc51ddecfa588993c77e8a70b220
Phoenix Rex
Male b34ae9c9fa04b96b5b8e8ae2a5a47cda8810d0411f7c3fa9be891bcff91290dd

What about a display name?

Your display name is not unique. It can be set in Preferences once you are in world. By default, there is no display name over your head.

Bulb 619af8ee7a4d4b67431b1ee72de721ded06ca1b260d554e2f2c8a2b251bcdadc

Where can I get help & share?

All users have access to our forum (we'll let you know more about that shortly) where you can engage the rest of the group with discussions, questions, and share what you're building. You can login with the credentials you have chosen on the left.