Share & monetize your creations in the Marketplace!


Create virtual goods with real value!



Are you a programmer, artist or world builder who enjoys virtual reality? Share your passion and make money in the Metaverse using the High Fidelity Marketplace! We help you with hosting and certifying your content, and we process your transactions and payments. With the High Fidelity Marketplace, you can focus on what matters most: making awesome content!

Sellers retain 90% of each sale. Just a 10% revenue share!

We host and serve your content on our servers

Your creations are certified and recorded on the blockchain

Anyone using High Fidelity can easily find and buy your item using hfc

Sell rare or collectible limited editions with verifiable certification

Receive payouts in hfc on the same day!


It’s surprisingly simple! Using the High Fidelity Marketplace backend, you can upload your models, scripts and other project files. Prepare some basic metadata, set the price and submit it for review. Our Marketplace admin team will take a look and get back to you within a few days. Once your item is certified and approved, anyone in High Fidelity using the Marketplace tablet app can find and purchase your creation! You can learn more about the submission process here.


In a wild and decentralized metaverse, it can be tricky to verify the legitimacy or ownership of a piece of property. That’s why High Fidelity implemented a blockchain tracking system that allows content creators to certify their creations. Once your Marketplace item is certified, you are permanently and indelibly recorded as its creator. Any instance of that item in the metaverse has a corresponding entry in the blockchain, and its authenticity, history, value, and ownership be verified at any time. This makes it easy to differentiate the real deal from a counterfeit copy, and allows your property to retain its value.


If you’re interested in creating limited edition items, the High Fidelity Marketplace is for you, too! Perhaps you’ve crafted a very special and rare spacecraft, and want there to be only five in existence. Perhaps you have created a one-of-a-kind avatar, that nobody else should own. You can sell these items as limited editions by designating how many you want to make available, and we take care of the rest! Visitors to the marketplace will be able to view the item for sale and see how many remain available. All limited edition items are recorded on the blockchain with their edition number, so you can verify their authenticity and edition number.