Contact Us

High Fidelity is based in San Francisco. We are building an open source platform for VR.

We love feedback and input from our community. Here are the ways you can contact us:

  • If you're interested in getting started building in High Fidelity, either as a personal project or for a larger VR initiative, we welcome questions and inquiries at info@highfidelity.com.

  • If you're in the middle of a project and have questions, please check out our forums. We also respond to questions about our technology at support@highfidelity.com. Keep in mind that the content and experiences you have in VR environments built using High Fidelity's platform are not endorsed or managed by our company: we'd love to help you make progress with your work but do not provide customer service to the creators using our software or end-users visiting the spaces they build.

  • If you have copyright concerns about materials you find in our Marketplace or in the domains we maintain ourselves, please do contact us at copyright@highfidelity.com so that we can help you resolve your concern.

  • Press, please reach out to us at press@highfidelity.com.


High Fidelity commerce is in open beta right now. You can get HFC by going to BankOfHighFidelity and meeting with the banker. Check the banking calendar for hours.

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