We’re building open source software to help people create new virtual worlds.

This starts with:

  • Presence

    We’re working with a wide variety of consumer-available motion controllers, 3D cameras, and head-mounted displays. These amazing new devices make real immersion possible, enabling virtual world residents to animate avatar movements and facial expressions in real time. Which we’ve observed leads to:

  • Connection

    Coupling these devices with high-speed networks and the vast computing power many of us have on tap, High Fidelity is working to capture and replicate the little details that underpin our interactions with others–things like countenance, gaze, and spatialized audio cues. Which takes us to:

  • Collaboration & Commerce

    By borrowing computing time and bandwidth from others, virtual events can grow to any size, space or audience. High Fidelity is developing an exchange which facilitates the lending and borrowing of computing resources, using cryptocurrency credits to recognize these transactions. These credits will be used to buy digital goods and services from others to help people build and power expansive digital worlds.

    The worlds created with High Fidelity can be linked together by the common avatar identity and digital marketplace we are building, operating as a shared service to all users of the software platform. The open source software is not yet complete, but is available on GitHub for experimentation and contribution. To supplement our in-house team, we have also created a software development marketplace listing part-time paid opportunities – you can find it at worklist.net


  • True Ventures

  • Google Ventures

  • Kapor Capital

  • Linden Lab

  • And an intriguing assortment of forward-looking angels.