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Buy and Sell High Fidelity’s Stable Coin Cryptocurrency to Fuel a VR Economy


What is High Fidelity Coin (HFC)?

High Fidelity Coin (HFC) isn’t like other coins. You can buy it with U.S. dollars (USD) and you can cash HFC out to USD. The Bank of High Fidelity manages the number of coins and we gradually increase the number of coins in circulation as the economy grows. HFC cannot be mined by users like Bitcoin or Ethereum, which makes it a stable cryptocurrency, where 100 HFC is equal to 1 USD.

HFC makes it possible for you to tie the exchange of digital goods to the blockchain, powering a global virtual economy.

What Can I Do With High Fidelity Coin?

Make money selling digital goods and services

Go shopping and buy digital goods and services

Purchase a global unique Place Name for your own virtual place

Pay server hosting fees for your virtual space


Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone with a High Fidelity account can purchase HFC. At this time, a PayPal account is also required.
Trades are currently handled manually by High Fidelity staff using the following process:
  • Book an appointment at the Bank of High Fidelity to trade
  • After High Fidelity staff accept and confirm the time slot they will whitelist the user to visit the TradingRoom domain to make their trade. The user will be whitelisted based on their provided High Fidelity account name.
  • High Fidelity staff will take receipt of USD from the trading user. Payments will be made using PayPal and paid to the email account specified via the appointment booking form. Time to payment receipt will be based on PayPal rules and guidelines. Payments will be made from finance@highfidelity.com.
  • Similarly, High Fidelity will take payments from users and distribute HFC in the TradingRoom space.
HFC can be bought in amounts of US$25 or US$50. There is no limit on how much any one person can buy at this time.
Place name coupon purchases can be made through The Bank of High Fidelity’s appointment system. You can sign up for an appointment here.
Hosting coupon purchases can be made through The Bank of High Fidelity’s appointment system. You can sign up for an appointment here.
We will notify you when a new item is approved and posted for sale that you will receive a grant of HFC. You will then schedule an appointment to receive the promotional grant.
Once initiated, our staff will handle all your customer services inquiries about the actual exchange. High Fidelity will provide you with the transaction code. You may send inquiries about the trade process and the status of any transaction to bank@highfidelity.com.
Bank hours are posted on our calendar. You can visit the bank to receive initial HFC grants and to talk to our banking staff.
The rate is fixed at 100 HFC = 1 USD.
No – HFC is a “stablecoin” so we will be adjusting the money supply to keep the exchange rate constant.