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Streaming, High Fidelity 3D AudioStreaming, High Fidelity 3D Audio Sounds mixed at the server so that listeners receive a fixed bitrate regardless of the number of active sources or speakers, with each one correctly spatialized.
Rich Expression and CommunicationRich Expression & Communication Full-body IK, support for motion capture peripherals, plugin support for facial gestures and gaze tracking. Use avatars of any level of detail or skeleton.
Imperceptible LatencyImperceptible Latency End-to-end delay of less that 100 milliseconds for voice and gestures means conversations are natural and feel just like being there.
Networked Physics EngineNetworked Physics Engine Moving objects are in sync for all observers, and physics simulation is shared across multiple participants.
Complex Interactive Scenes and ObjectsComplex Interactive Scenes and Objects Javascript engine for both client and server allows persistent objects.
Infinite SpacesInfinite Spaces Content is dynamically streamed from the server, allowing scenes of any scale and detail.
Content MarketplaceContent Marketplace Many ready-to-use environments, assets, avatars, and more available to drop immediately into your worlds.
Blockchain-Based CommerceBlockchain-Based Commerce Transact with others using a cryptocurrency on a blockchain that stores asset and identity information in a public ledger.
Scaleable to CrowdsScaleable to Crowds Support 100+ avatars together in one space, with broadcast options to reach 1000's with repeaters.
Open File FormatsOpen File Formats Avatars and in-world models use standard FBX, OBJ formats, with GLtf support coming soon.
Live Collaborative EditingLive Collaborative Editing All changes to environments are made in real time and any number of people can collaborate.
Extensible Plugin ArchitectureExtensible Plugin Architecture Add input and output devices, and controllers easily. Standard support for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Vive Trackers, with Daydream coming soon.
Open SourceOpen Source Apache 2.0 licensed client and server means you can contribute code, verify security, and make changes.

High Fidelity is Cross-Platform

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Android appcoming soon

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“ The expressive faces looked incredibly human-like, which adds a whole other dimension to the interaction by invoking emotion”
- Vice News

The Metaverse Begins Now.
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