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The company

We believe that both the hardware and the internet infrastructure are now available to give people around the world access to an interconnected Metaverse that will offer a broad range of capabilities for creativity, education, exploration, and play. And by using all of our computers together in an open shared network, we can simulate this space at a far larger scale than would be possible by any single company or centrally hosted system.

By using a range of new hardware devices like the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Leap Motion, PrioVR, Sixsense, and depth cameras, the experience of exploring these worlds can be incredibly immersive and the interaction with others lifelike and emotional.

Our ongoing development and R&D work focuses on several areas:

Low-latency sensor-based interaction between avatars

We use inexpensive webcams and motion controllers to capture gaze, facial expressions, and body language, which is then streamed at low latency along with 3D positional audio to establish lifelike presence. We also use head-mounted displays like the Oculus Rift for full immersion, as well as hand and full body motion controllers.

Content scalability

Virtual worlds servers using a spatial tree structure for storage are nested inside each other and dynamically assigned to handle content load. 3D content from multiple formats can be loaded into the world and presented at multiple levels of detail.

Audience scalability

We're building an architecture that can dynamically recruit servers from user-contributed pools of devices to scale across rapidly varying audiences.

The team

  • Philip Rosedale

    Philip Rosedale

    Thinks assembly language is cool. Physics, automata, electronics, boxing.

  • Ryan Karpf

    Ryan Karpf

    Design-minded. Thinks MVP has too many letters. Loves Syd Mead and making fresh pasta.

  • Freidrica Heiberger

    Freidrica Heiberger

    Thinks about audio design, economic models, and what's for dinner. Encased meat practitioner.

  • Leonardo Murillo

    Leonardo Murillo

    Enjoys juggling terminals, AWS consoles, IDEs and playdough. Avid cyclist. SciFi aficionado.

  • Stephen Birarda

    Stephen Birarda

    Constant refactorer. Believes that programming is art. Obsessive hockey fan, secret ping pong champion.

  • Brad Hefta-Gaub

    Brad Hefta-Gaub

    Hacker Punk who runs
    fifty miles for his coffee,
    eggs, bacon, and gin.

  • Emily Donald

    Emily Donald

    Manages office systems to make life easier. Fast talker, avid learner, novice salsa dancer, and great cook.

  • Clement Brisset

    Clément Brisset

    Pool shark that fights the French stereotypes. Can solve a Rubik's Cube blindfolded.
    Science = Awesome.

  • Andrew Meadows

    Andrew Meadows

    Physicist, motorcyclist, and listener of Pink Floyd. Convinced all problems have technical solutions.

  • Ozan Serim

    Ozan Serim

    Tenacious CG generalist in pursuit of character, music, film and story.

  • Chris Collins

    Chris Collins

    Gets excited when people use his products. Life hacker with kid-like curiosity. Animal spotter.

  • Sam Gateau

    Samuel Gateau

    Minimalist Pixel Pusher.

  • Seth Alves

    Seth Alves

    Videogame aficionado, Computer Programmer, Skeptical of technology. Bicycles in traffic.

  • Bradley Austin Davis

    Bradley Austin Davis

    Has trouble passing the Turing test. VR, rendering, cryptography. Writes about Oculus. Understudy to the great/powerful Oz.

  • Eric Levin

    Eric Levin

    Loves creative coding, yoga, and hiking.

  • You?

    You've dated SoLoMo, but you need something more. An OpenGL master; perhaps enamored of shaders and L-systems. You love algorithms and are not afraid of C. Is this you? Email us.


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