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Under the Hood

High Fidelity supports common formats, tools and languages to help you build complex interactive VR experiences, share processing power and scale to thousands of people.

Full 3D Audio
Low-latency, spatialized, server-mixed, reverberant audio from many simultaneous sources
Limitless Scale
Sharing user-contributed computing power to scale to huge audiences
Many Devices & Inputs
Supports HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Hydra, PrioVR, Leap Motion and many others
Open Source
Open source, Apache license client and server
Facial Feature Aware
Supports sensor-based capture of gaze, facial expressions, and body language
Scriptable API
Develop your own experiences via a robust Javascript API
Content Scalability
Dynamic assignment of multiple nested levels of detail using sparse voxel octree structure
Own Your Domain
Claim your unique domain and location names

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“ The expressive faces looked incredibly human-like, which adds a whole other dimension to the interaction by invoking emotion”
- quoVice News

The Metaverse Begins Now.
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Are you a C++ Generalist? A Javascript Developer, or Physics Engineer perhaps?

Even if your talents don’t fall neatly into a single title, if you‘re losing sleep imagining the great things yet to be built in VR, maybe you should be on our team.

Check out our job listings, or visit Worklist, our distributed development system, and show us what you’ve got.